So what are all these short films about then?
Get a taster of the final twelve.

From text messages to funfairs, from comedy to drama, from big productions to little, the 12:12 films cover a range of genres, themes and styles. That was the whole idea, right? I can't show you the films just yet, but I'll be rolling them out, one at a time in the next few weeks. In the meantime, here's a top-line on each one to whet your appetite.

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A night in the lives of a group of people all intersecting through the text messages they send one another.


A father spends a night driving around looking for his missing teenage daughter with the help of one of her friends – and discovers that being older doesn’t always make you smarter. Starring Nicholas Cassim, Adam Brown, Chloe Bayliss and Jo Briant.


A trigger happy Instagram-er discovers strange things start happening whenever she takes a photo. Starring Florence Noble.


The story of a quiet man who collects silences in a world filled with noise – and how he finds a way to rise above the din. Staring Geoff Allen.


A separated father does his best to spend Father’s Day with his children from across a busy road. Starring Ben Wood.


A young woman tidying her house becomes trapped in an endless loop when she finds she can’t stop neatening everything. Starring Sarah Bishop.


Two people from different walks of life share a moment across a street. A simple little film about fortune and circumstance. Starring Kelly Butler and Saban Lloyd Berrell.


A voice-over artist is asked to make a pre-recorded announcement for an airline in case any of their planes have to make a crash landing. It just happens to be the day her own world comes crashing down around her. Starring Tina Bursill, Cheree Cassidy, Grant Cartwright and Christian Willis.


In a future where brains and devices are one, updating system software can be a scary business. Starring Philippe Klaus.


A bored couple at a funfair get a wake up call when they try an attraction that’s impossible to remember. Starring Justin Smith, Melinda Dransfield and Alan Flower.


Two teenage boys playing an incredibly realistic computer game must reconcile their feelings about the violence that seems all too real. Starring James Fraser and Callum McManis.


Three siblings must decide between honouring their dead mother’s wishes and carrying out their own plans for her. Starring Eden Falk, Megan Drury and Lâle Teoman.


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